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Maverick, determined is a good state of mind to be in. I find that is helpful to keep a daytimer. I jot down all of the things that I have done and want to do. I account for my time. I keep busy ( mostly by working 2 jobs) but I also keep up.on things around the house and in the yard so that I feel accomplished at the end of my day. It’s not enough to just not gamble everyday as it’s hard to keep defining yourself in terms of gambling and live outside its domain. live in a world that is not necessarily defined only by what you dont do but what you do do as well. Time with your son is a good example. I’m not going to suggest starting a hobby because it always sounds so lame, but think in terms of someone who doesn’t have a gambling problem. What do they do in their spare time? I am catching up on building my backyard and garden in time for summer. I started it years ago but then something else took it away from me and now I want it back. I revel in my progress every day that I do something productive and my daughter sees my attention. I am getting better, a little bit at a time, and although I may falter, I am 100 times better than last year. Next year I can ne 100 times better than today. I’m not expecting to be perfect at this point so dont try to put that on yourself. Do what makes you forget about gambling every day. Get a second job if you must. Just make steps towards something and not just away. If you need a direction, forward is always a good way to go. Good luck today