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Hi mutley and welcome back.

Several banks in the UK give you the option to exclude payments to gambling sites. Barclays, Monza and Starling Banks off the top of my head but I expect most do nowadays.

You’ve tried a lot of things? How about posting here regularly? Getting to GA every week? Restricting your access to funds so you can’t gamble?

Report your debit/credit cards lost/damaged. When the new ones arrive get someone else to open them and scratch opff the 3 digits on the back, then you can’t register them on any new sites.

Yep. you can lose £5oo quite easily in those pub machines – but only if you go into the pub with that sum of money available to you.

Keep posting and let us know the positive steps you are taking to avoid your next bet. Also the alternative activities you are doing to fill the void that stopping gambling leaves.