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I’m waiting for my counseling appointment and I just got a call that looked like a local number. I answered it and it was a casino trying to offer me a package of some sort to play. I just hung up and didn’t bat an eyelash about it. The old me would of wanted to yell at the person tell him off for phoning me and all that jazz but I didn’t. My thought process was well this is the guys job and he’s gotta eat to so whatever. I didn’t take the bait I hung up and proceeded with my errands. I have no thoughts of gambling at all if anything I’m motivated as hell to keep saving money. I don’t like to think in terms of dollars and cents anymore but since I quit gambling a little under 6 months ago I’ve saved over 20 grand. I’m proud of that because now I’m treating money with respect. Before I hated it because of what it does to people. I hated it because that’s all people ever wanted from me. I hated it because I always felt that’s the only thing people care about and I see how stressed and depressed everyone in my life is over it. But now I have learned for myself to treat it like it’s a gift for my life. It’s something I need for my survival and I work my ass off for it literally. So now I’m treating it like a little baby tucking it away in its blanket in a savings account. I’ve learned money management skills for myself and created a plan for myself to stay accountable of where it all goes and what for every month. I was like this 2 years ago before my gambling mishaps started. Now that I’m working a program again I’m becoming myself again and I see the progress.