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Thanks for getting back to me- I’m certainly a problem gambler- I’ve tried so many times to “control” the urges- I’ve set aside
A certain amount of money to gamble …

Only to always go over my allowed budgeted amount 😒
I’ve lost too much money to keep going on

Ok- sounds good- how do I
Start a post- which heading do I use ?
I saw your post and thought I’d reply
To it
As I was unsure of how to introduce myself …
And I thought yes- perhaps a sponsor
Trying to get a good sponsor would be the way to go ?
Good idea-! To try and distract yourself
With other interests ….
Which I have ?
Baffles me how I think
I can control this gambling 😞
Time and again I’m shown that
I over spend and I should perhaps not be
Thanks for listening!