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Dark Energy

Hi Don,
“I over spend and I should perhaps not be Gambling” no need to include the word PERHAPS in this statement, you should not gamble.
it looks like you are in the pre-contemplation stage of change. you should decide not to gamble this is the first step then all the work will still be ahead of you on how to defeat this addiction. but using ” perhaps ” gives me the impression that you still gambling and you need a way to control it.
there is no control it is either to stop or not and once you decide to stop then your fight against this addiction will start.

you have to ask yourself what benefits you get from gambling, list it down, and be absolutely honest with yourself because there is a benefit from gambling or to be accurate “the illusional benefits”,
then write down the harm, the cost the suffering that this activity is causing to you.
then compare both lists and do a cost-benefit analysis and ask yourself does it is worth it to continue this activity? does it?
I hope your answer is no, because then you can move on to plan how to fight this addiction.