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Thanks kin. I have been trying to do what I thought was impossible by thinking about my favorite games and picturing the bonus and the wins and then shutting it down in my mind. I had a therapist tell me that it is important to rewire your brain into thinking no to the urge so that it will no longer associate certain feelings with playing those games. I allow myself to want to play but do it at times when I know I have more control or no real time and then I just dont allow myself to play. It is working so far and the urges have stopped. The only time I really think about gambling is when I force myself to and it hasnt come up in my mind as a defence or replacement for negative feelings lately. It seems I am on the mend and am using this time to get my finances back into good standing, which only helps to reinforce my good decisions. I hope that you are well and experiencing the Joy’s that life has to offer.