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I’m not sure about your chooser being broken, Don, but it’s not all bad being sensitive to bad things that happen. Now, just for a moment, think of all of the good things that you could do with funds that you can afford to be charitable with. The money you put into gambling goes to fund the lifestyles of rich and greedy people. It in no way benefits anyone but them and hurts you in the long run. I am not sure about lotteries, as they are not part of the games that I would consider part of my addiction, and if you would only do them to help a school fundraiser or lottery, then I don’t feel that you have failed miserably today. I, myself, rarely ever buy lottery tickets and dont feel the calling of the lotto, so if I bought a ticket i would not see it as a relapse on my part. As for the gamban, if you look it up on the web you will find it is anti gambling software that prevents you from opening sites associated with gambling in any form. It is fantastic and very reliable and hard to beat. I had it beat for a short while on my phone but it sent an update that killed the loophole, so I’m back to no gambling on my phone or laptop. It is not that expensive and the way I figure it it paid for itself by me missing one fifteen minute gambling session on my devices. Look into it or its equal where you live. Like i said, it gives you the help that you need so much in those first weeks when the urges are the strongest and helps long after that by preventing little slips from happening when you get emails from the casinos trying to lure you in. I hope that you are feeling better now and that you will look into gamban for your devices. Take care.