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Losing it: thanks for your help & reply..
All of what you have said here makes sense-
Perfect sense ..
Since I now see that I have 0 luck and cannot
Seem to
I am definitely losing….
Cost benefit analysis (was a term I read here AND was told this by A gambling counselor)
Definitely showing me that I’m always on the losing end of most wagers…
Even if I win it’s in no way making up
For the money I’ve lost!

Yes, you are right to most people, They can go into the store and
Get milk, etc
The lottery machine In Circle K
Is always there to tempt me
I was sober yesterday
And I plan on sobriety today…..
I’m actually not really in the frame of mind to lose more money today 😀

I’m glad you are able to go days without
A wager
And yes
It’s important to “re-wire”
The brain into a different thought pattern
From gambling….

I try and keep busy with crossword puzzles
And watching TV
TO take
My mind off of any gambling thoughts