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Dark Energy

Hi Losingitslowly
thank you for the support, don’t overthink about an unexpected disaster, even if something happened I am sure you will manage, you are stronger than you think you are.
I read somewhere regarding exercises when you think you are done you are just at 40% of your capacity and you still have 60% more to go.
about living paycheck to paycheck, I am in this situation for the last 5 years because of my gambling addiction. I am having a good-paying job I could easily save a good amount of money, but no.. I pilled up debt again.
I hope this will end this time. I miss the freedom to pursue a better job and the feeling of financial stability that my savings in the past gave me. but now all gone. and I have to start over

Hi Don,
sure your posts are helpful for me, we need any kind of support that we can get to motivate us and to keep us determined not to back to that bad addiction.

Hi Kin,
I agree with you it is bad, but at that time I was unable to sleep without it.