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I’ve started to feel the urge peeking through all of my daily routines. It’s like a tiny little itch that you cant scratch (because it’s in a delicate area) and you try to just forget that it’s happening. It goes away and then reappears at another time. On and off, not really needing attention but lurking. You know it’s there when it is but you forget about it totally when it’s not. Online gambling has become totally legal in canada now and the ads are running non stop on the t.v.. Every time I watch any station I see them and, although I’m not driven at that point to gamble, its putting the seed in there that presents itself at other times. I am not going to give in. I am journaling every day what I do and achieve and I dont want to write that in, that i have failed again, so i am putting it out to you, today, and hoping that this will help scratch the itch and it will be satiated for a while longer.