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Day 239

Been waiting eagerly for the last two days to post this!!

Have a major update.

I got an unexpected performance bonus and salary increase on Wed. CEO just handed me a big check (50k) and said I deserved it. I made some major product fixes a few weeks ago and looks like my idea will be saving the company millions this year. Looks like working those 70-80 hour work weeks these last two months paid off. Thank you Lord for looking over me, blessing me and giving the opportunity to use my knowledge and skills.

I immediately sent that money off to pay off my remaining loans on Thursday! As of this morning, I got confirmation that I have PAID OFF all my loans that I have accrued all these years gambling. The entire $450K+ debt is now paid off. I am over the moon today.

A majority of the loans (~300K) was paid using the equity from the sale of the house. It was definitely a humbling moment early this year for me and my family when I had to sell the house, however it was the right thing as it gave me a big push towards paying off the loans.

Been living in an apartment for a few months now. I am happy where I live.

Eight months ago I was a disaster. Now looking back, God had a reason for me to go through all this. I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to build my life back. With my hard work and perseverance I will continue to build back my life. Now that I am debt free, I will be even more careful than ever before.

Temptation to gamble my money cannot find a place in my life ever again

I know this is just a start in me rising like a phoenix!! The journey continues!

Staying Gamble free. One day at a time.