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Hi Rising Phoenix:
Thanks for your rigorously honest post…
Kudos to you for all the hard work you’ve
Done to get debt- free
From gambling…!
That’s quite the debt…
And for me; that would be nearly
Impossible to over come
BecAuse I don’t make great money..
I make enough to get by
And no doubt gambling has cut down my ability
To save ….
Being 57yrs of age
I’ve been warned last week
I’m nearing the retirement phase
Of my life…

And I don’t really have the money
To retire anytime soon

So your post- especially when you said
“The temptation to gamble my money can never
Find a place in my life again”
Is a huge help/ realization for me
That I was headed down a dark road
For which I may not have ever found
My way back..
Congratulations on your journey
And your great accomplishments!

Your success provides
A learning platform for people like me-
I’m pretty much a newcomer….
And I’m learning
I’m stubborn
And I now have to give up
My “control “ (which I have none of!)
Of any thoughts of gambling
Because all I’ve done is lose…
When you stated “now that I’m debt free; I’ll be even more careful than before “

I also want to follow that great advice!
I recently got a loan from the bank
To pay off debt;
I’d hate to travel
Down that dark road of gambling and lose whatever momentum I’ve gained …thank you for helping me realize this 😀

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