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Hey ya thats the hardest part is trying to get past the need to soothe the emotions we feel. With time and some good recovery under your belt you’ll lose that need to seek out addictions and find solace In healthier ways. It’s good your keep writing here it shows that your willing to accept the addict part of yourself and that you do in fact need help and guidance to get through it. From what you’ve posted before it sounds like you no what you need to do its just a matter of applying those tools. You got this 👍

I’m doing pretty good these last few days. I went to another awesome concert and found another car show to venture to. I have a goal one day to build my own hot rod so with time and the money I’m saving I hope to do that once my debts are paid off. I never thought I’d have the confidence to even consider doing it especially now being a single women but if anything it makes me feel a sense of independence. I’m good with metal now that I’m a journeyman( woman to be politically correct) and I grew up working on engines as a kid with my dad and brother. I still get alot of flack when I tell the guys I work with that I’m going to build an old chev from the ground up because well there’s still a stereotype and belittling. My foreman actually laughed at me today and said your lucky your pretty and a hard worker because women don’t last long in this trade. I almost kicked in him in the head for that but I didn’t feel like fighting with his condescending bs. I’m definitely learning to be more calm and not to react to things. I’m also learning to be more kind to myself and find confidence again. I’m just about at 7 months gamble free so it’s definitely paying off in alot of areas of my life being out of that hell mindset.