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My son confessed to me last night he has a gambling problem. He gambles on sports, online. To say I feel guilt is an understatement. Did I pass this terrible disease onto him? Who knows. What I do know is that I am able to help him. He came over tonight, he lives at home but has been house sitting the past 3 weeks and while the amount isn’t huge in my terms, it is for him. It’s affecting his life. He is broke. He has zero expenses really bar a tiny board payment I charge to pay his phone bill. I think him being on his own, bored, working nights etc has started it. Something to do that has become a big problem. We are going to do blocking software and open a new bank account to which the majority of his money will go apart from daily expenses. I’m proud that he came to me, he knows my story. He has also told his girlfriend which will be helpful also. It makes me sad though that he is dealing with this at such a young age.
He is 23.
I am still gamble free, 13 years now and living my life. It’s far from perfect but it’s mine and I am present in it. Money is now something I’m happy to have but not too worried if I don’t if that makes sense. I no longer need it to get my fix. It pays my bills and feeds me and gives me a few little holidays a year and that’s how I like it!
I’ve learnt to accept the things I won’t ever have and enjoy the things I do.
I may be looking for a new job soon as my boss has announced he is retiring, nothing concrete in terms of a timeline but I think a change of career might be good. I’m not sure I’ll ever get a job nursing as good as the one I’ve got, so I’m looking at options that will suit my financial needs and my lifestyle. I’m trying to think of it as an exciting new beginning. Trying!!!!
Anyway I wanted to update, a lot of new names here now, and if you’re reading this take the advice, it really does work.
Love K xxx