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Thanks for your rigorous honesty, JayMay22…
Are times when I believed I could “control”
Gambling- try and enjoy it ….
Sometimes I had really good weeks, everything seemed to be in “control“

Then I hit a wave -a wave of “ this person is making me angry, or I don’t like working with this person or some thing about my job or people that I didn’t like“

Then I would fantasize about winning the lottery so that I could retire ,and then I got the silly idea of “I am going to make it happen“

Well hundreds or even thousands of dollars later …
I’ve NOT won the lottery …
I have surrendered my journey
To winning anything substantial
And I try very hard
To look at my good points
And also to perhaps realize that
That person
That triggered me today or yesterday
Is having a bad day
And inadvertently took their frustrations
Out on me….
Of course this all sounds great if I am having a good day and I feel positive and strong! But when I feel sensitive, it can be a challenge ;but then I try and realize what happens when I do decide to gamble my money that I sometimes end up in a worst spot than I was before and even more broke…

So yes- one day at a time
Always remember where my gambling got me ….further in debt!!