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Rising: you’re welcome & I certainly
Get quite a bit from reading your posts …
I try and read all the journal posts…
Info is extremely helpful…

This disease can be cunning, baffling and powerful for sure….
You are doing great with your money-
Fantastic idea to allot your money where it needs to go…

Stagnant money is a temptation for me as well..
Even if you get the thoughts of gambling;
You can’t gamble if you don’t have money –

That’s a wise decision on your part….

I don’t believe we are ever “healed”

Your sobriety is awesome -lots of time in
I just know we always have to be on
The lookout for that moment when
We’re upset/ angry ,perhaps at someone.. lonely or excessively
Tired ….

That’s a weak moment in our day when
Perhaps the old feelings come back
And Try
To haunt -try to offer a
“Soothing “ alternative-which many
Times has made me feel worse !!

Staying away from the disease is always best
And on those weak days(I have many!)

Is a test to reach out to others and
No be ashamed to ask for help….
I am
Learning all this one step at a time…

Hope you have a great gamble-free day!!