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Kathryn my dear friend, what timing you have and thankyou very much for your post, I really hope you are keeping well, always loved sharing with you.

Quick update but will promise to post more tomorrow, life (for all of us) is full of troubles and there have been many these last few months, I haven’t been dealing with them very well and yesterday I relapsed in a big way, I don’t know why I always go back to what I know will always cause me (and others) pain and suffering, I promise you all I am not a bad person and also promise I have a good heart (deep down).

I know not what to do but I do it anyway, it’s all me no one else to blame, you know what I also know and can see when I don’t gamble I am such a better person and human.

All will be well I will keep trying and this time do things differently, hard pill to swallow with the damage I did yesterday but I must change and I will.

Thanks again Kathryn for your perfectly timed post its just what I needed, always wish you well, take care and my best to you and the family.

Wish each and everyone of you my very best.

Take care