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Dark, I am not sure why you feel the need to tank your credit score but do not act rashly as this is something that may take many, many years to recoup from. The plan to pay things down slowly is not a bad one, and in my life I call it my amends. I must make financial amends for what I have done and I know that any help from anyone is just a cheat for what I must do on my own. If you are not going to pay your debt for any reason it will not be paying what you owe! If you cannot pay and need to file for bankruptcy that is another case, buy if you can, you must. Keeping yourself in a constant state of debt is what gambling has done to you and I have read that one of the recovery tools is to pay back what you owe. I hope that you stay clean and that you think these things through for the long run. It may not be an easy road, paying it all back, but it is the right thing to do. I owe a bunch too and have come into agreements with all of them to pay it back over the next couple of years. I figure that once I do I will not be healed but I will have made things right. Good luck to you on this journey.