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You got it Don. The thing is to learn how to just be uncomfortable sometimes. Believe me as you seen me post I hate it to. It isn’t fun feeling vulnerable or depressed sometimes. But I can tell you soothing with any addiction only makes it 500 times worse. Learning to just sit with your feelings and let it ride out is the hardest thing to learn as someone in recovery. Everyone I’ve met from my past addictions and this current one say the same thing. The “feeling” of everything so intensely is the hardest part. It’s no wonder it’s so hard for us though because we’ve taught our brains to find solace and relief in unhealthy and destructive ways. The shitty days don’t last long but when I have them I talk about it. That’s why meetings and things like this forum are so valuable. I feel we’re only as sick as what we hold inside ourselves. The reason I had a behavior relapse in the first place was because I didn’t talk about my stuff anymore I held it in and tried to fight with it internally. I see your opening up alot more on here and that’s such a valuable thing for your recovery process. I believe you can beat this shit and you will because you have the willingness to try and do so 😊