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Today I’m grateful for being able to help my friends thats are still struggling. Now that I have a clearer head I’m in a better place to be a sounding board to them. I’m grateful for being alone actually because it’s given me time to think about the things I want in my life and how to set healthy goals for myself. I’m grateful that I’m not consumed with thoughts of gambling or my other past addictions. Honestly since my partner and I stopped living together in February and I started doing the therapy I needed gambling hasn’t once consumed my mind. After about the 6 week mark of getting through the withdrawl stage I was doing really well in that area. I’m glad I let me ego be put aside and ask for help, and being honest with all the people in my life because I no thats whats saved me to this day from gambling. It definitely could of gotten worse than just losing money and for that I’m even more grateful right now.