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Dark Energy

Day#1 again.
it is really sad to find myself again on day one, I did a lot of preparation this time, I get rid of my salary once I received it. but after doing all of that I squeezed my monthly expenses budget to figure out some amount that I can trade with, and I relapsed, once that amount was lost, I squeezed it again and lost more money. now I will have a very very tough month I have to live it with 40% of my normal monthly budget.

overall it didn’t hurt me much from a long-term financial perspective, I still need (1278 days) to reach the normal life that I need.
but mentally and emotionally it hurts a lot, I didn’t want to wake up today, and I was not able to get myself out of the bed until 5:00 PM.

I need one more road blocker which is to prevent myself from doing wire transfers online. this will close this final loophole. I will approach the bank to do so I hope they can do it for me.
I am not able to block my Binance account, I approach them many times but they are saying they can’t do it. They have a 30-day maximum cutoff period on their futures account. I did it but it is not enough I need a permanent one.

blocking the wire transfer will prevent me from doing P2P transactions so I will not be able to deposit anything to the broker account, this is the only way left as I have scratched all my cards long back.

anyhow I have a tough month to survive and rebuild