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Jvr: thank you for your kind reply! I am not like most guys, I am not afraid to discuss my feelings and say if I feel sensitive or weak that day?

I think the reason why most guys that are “tough” don’t wanna admit that they are sensitive are feeling a little bit down the day or are trouble by something is that they want to remain “tough” and if they tell you these things that they are sensitive or whatever the issue is ..then they feel inadequate and they are not living up to the tough guy role ?

It’s interesting that you bring this up, because there is a trainer/supervisor type person at my work for a few days this week training new people..

I have worked with her before and had nothing but issues with her, she is very insulting and I truly believe she does not like being around me …and quite frankly that is very triggering for me, the first thought of course is to medicate with gambling ☹️

I do have some positive news about her though that I am trying to really concentrate on …that at least she ignores me and doesn’t even acknowledge my existence which could be a good thing? And perhaps I should be looking at that more than anything..?

I think it’s important that I look at the positives and not dwell on the negative, and maybe that will stop my triggers and then I can carry on with my day without giving into gambling…