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JVR: glad to hear you’ve gotten out
And danced your heart out..
If that’s what helps you to cope
And stay gamble free…
That they have those substances there at the raves that can trigger you😕

But you’re doing your best to avoid that and that’s great!!

Regarding your work- a lot of “macho thinking “
Men will indeed get intimidated by a woman
Doing their job and they feel
Helpless and vulnerable…
Most guys feel the need to support
Or even control a woman…
So yes
Best to keep doing your job and avoid
Those guys bother you..

Also, we men think differently than women, we always put intimacy first in our lives and we don’t really need to feel” attached emotionally “

Or at least that’s what I think I have discovered over the years of analyzing why men and women are so different?

And yes! You are so correct, if you are attractive to them that is their issues to deal with for sure! There are some teachers at my school and then I find extremely attractive but I still trying to remain professional because most of them are married..

And yes-
Keep avoiding negative triggers and people that are toxic to you for
Sure …

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