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Hi 👋
Thank you Don 😊 your encouragement word
Am day#27 gamble free. Rehab its the best thing that going so well. And helping me with ways coping strategies outside am ready to face the world and be better sobriety for good. This nearly destroy my life.

DON . am telling you go , u will thank me later 2 weeks will be enough please . I nearly took my life . Now am awake from the demonic if possible during ur session ask to have meeting with family and psychology.

I dont think I will gamble ever again it took my happiness away. I want that back . We can’t serve two Master at once God and mamon .

Have blessed Sunday 🙌and 1 day at a time and am focusing on my recovery and I accept my mental illness and seek help thank God it happen wen I still have chances. Blessed u all