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Hi, notyoung. You are right, there is nothing we can do to change the past. We also need to not gamble today, with gambling one day at a time is achieveable.

Some thigns we can plan for though, some things it”l help our recovery to plan for.

We might plan how we are going to keep ourselves safe when the next payday comes.
We might plan the strategy we will use the next time we get any gambling thoughts.
We can plan how we are going to fill our time tomorrow so that both that time and our thoughts are filled away from gambling.
There is a big race meetign coming up in UK in a couple of months – I will certainly plan ahead how I will be spending that week and which TV/radio I will be listening to so that I am less likly to hear anyrhing about it.
There are also some thing we may need to do that require planning – holidays, weekends away, a meal out with friends and family – not gambling one day at a time allows us to plan those things knowing that we will have been less likely to have blown our money the day before.

Some of the things we love to do and plan for are also what shows us the benefits of recovery and make it worth the effort of continuing to work recovery.

Keep posting and continue to be gamble free, one day at a time. We all enjoy different things and I hope you get to plan some of the thigns you love to do away from gambling.