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Tomorrow will be day 1 FB.
Today I feel psychologically very tense and anguish arises after a succession of losses.
I won an amount, was happy and cashed out. The obvious happened: I returned it and even spent more.
The worst is not even the loss, but the fact of advancing, almost reaching victory and, at the last minute, a turnaround in the game.

There are no “turns”, apparently. Who guarantees that the results are authentic and unbiased?
How many complaints are there in sport? What about gambling in general?
Nothing is as innocent as it seems…Nothing is guaranteed or obvious.

The interesting thing is that even when you win, compared to everything that’s gone, it’s almost nothing ;;; If only the dopamine released was enough and we didn’t return to danger. If only life wasn’t so full of limitations.
I cannot talk to my family about the matter, as my decision-making autonomy is supervised. I feel totally trapped, to escape reality I seek these fantasies.
, I decided: ENOUGH!
I started by uninstalling the betting app, deleted the notifications I received about it.
Tomorrow will be a new day.
I’ll have to get over it. It won’t be easy, it never is. But it will be the only option.
Anyway, if I keep at it, the day will come when I stop due to shortages. So better be cautious now.
Knowing that I’m not the first or the last to be like this, something will motivate me… Take a deep breath and move on.

Writing I know I will overcome.
I need to find another “outlet” before it’s too late.
I heard about the terrible feeling of addiction. I never imagined myself in that situation. At least I admit it to myself, there’s no point in denying it.

In every minute, the will arises. Thoughts like: “I picked the wrong game, maybe now the tide will come to my rescue” or “If it worked that time, why not again”. The problem is that, from one hit to the next, there are many mistakes along the way… It’s not worth it, it’s like crossing a forest without using the road, but passing over trees and rivers: who dares to undertake such an adventure?