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Hey everyone! I hope you are all doing well today. I wanted to check in. Today marks 27 days of no gambling. I am excited to wake up tomorrow and tell my wife it has been 4 weeks without gambling of any sort. It’s a nice feeling. Even though our finances are in rough shape, I feel things are starting to come together in terms of money. I have a feeling things will work out; whereas before, I lived paycheck to paycheck without any worry in the world for financial freedom because I “will go on a hot streak and win thousands, and we can buy this and pay off this loan, etc” but it never happened. I instead, just kept putting more money into my account until my paychecks were gone!
Things are still very tough. My mind is still trying to convince me I can control my addiction, which I know I can’t. On the other hand, life does seem a lot simpler. There are daily stresses, as we all have them, but there are also moments of enjoyment that come from life instead of an outcome of a game.
I have tried to give all my money to my wife but it didn’t really work out because I am in charge of paying most of the bills and it became too much of a hassle. MY wife does have access to my money and she can see transactions which does help me a little but the truth is if there is a will to gamble, I will find a way to make that deposit no matter what! The key for me is Gamban. That has really helped! None-the-less, I hope all of you have an amazing day!