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Hey Canadian Gambler,

I hope you are still trying to get your life back together without gambling. This addiction is so difficult and I have said “this will be my last deposit” more than one hundred times. It’s a sickening addiction. However, I have come to the conclusion that my life will never get better until I quit gambling. It will always be a roller coaster with more terrible days than good. As you said, that good day might get us a 2k win, but we are still down 1.5k over the course of the week because we continued to seek the thrill of a “big win.” We truly will never get back to even; we will just keep digging ourselves an even bigger hole to get out of. LIFE will never get better living like that! NEVER! The ONLY way we can get a better life is by quitting gambling. Yes it will be hard but living that reckless life is even harder because their is never an end in sight. Its just a continual cycle of reckless behavior and choices. I hope you are still around.