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Hi Mutley
I get absolutely what you are going through. How are you doing? Please keep posting, it definitely helps in processing your thoughts.
It is a heck of a battle, but it is possible to live a life without gambling. Others are doing it. We all have to find a way that works for us.
One of the best pieces of advice I have received is to just take things day by day. Tell yourself I will not gamble today. Then repeat the next day. Avoid certain situations or distract yourself when the urges come.
They do come for sure, I guess that is normal in recovery, our minds are almost programmed to gamble after years of “training”.
We have to try and break the cycle. Do other things and start to rebuild.
Yes we can put barriers in place. That is good it helps so much to stop us on our “devices”. But as you said temptation lurks at a day at the seaside.
Keep enough money in your pocket to only cover what you need for the day. Leave your card where you are staying or with someone else.
Think ahead to avoid the traps.
It is bad and troublesome to have to do these things I guess but our brains are so wired to seek that gambling buzz that it is just something we must always do now.
I admit to people I am a compulsive gambler now. I turn down invites to days at the races. Other places where I know opportunity my arise.
I would rather do this than go back to where I was.
You can do it mutley, day by day. You have stopped before. You can do it again, forgive yourself that you have slipped. That is so important, I am learning to not be so hard on myself.
We are always learning how to do things better. I guess some of us need more attempts to stop than others. I certainly do! This time, believe you can do it. Stay committed. Best wishes to you.