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Thanks for the post Kin. Mental and emotional relapse; absolutely correct. The mental relapse is real. All i can think about when my mind wanders into making a wager is how it has cost me so much of my life. No matter if I win a bet, I will feel cheated because it’s like I will sell my soul to gambling. Not today. Day 31. The struggle has been real. I was thinking the other day, the longest I have gone without gambling was around 60 days last summer. I vividly recall those days. Feeling tired all the time, my mind is all over the place, not really motivated to do anything. Stuck in a rut with little energy or focus on the task at hand. I would even say a little depression. I know this is the “fog” stage of my quit and trust me, I don’t want to go through this again. I feel like I’m wasting my days away without accomplishing much. I know I need to do better and eventually I will but these feelings are very similar to last summer. What that tells me is I haven’t grown in a year if I am battling the same issues this summer as I did last summer. Gambling kept my life stuck in place (actually going backwards if I want to be honest), I don’t want to keep being stuck in life. I want to advance and be better. The only way to do that is get through this phase without going backwards by placing a wager. This has been tough but I can do it, one day at a time! Thanks for all the support!