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Hi CraigMac and Kin
Thanks for your posts. Best wishes to you both and anybody else who is fighting a gambling addiction.
We are all in this together, one day at a time, no one is leading, as I believe you have said Kin “everyday we start at the same point”. That is what we need to remember. Keep taking small steps, be aware of the triggers and CHOOSE other things to do.
It is in our control, if we place the first bet we are not in control.
I had a good weekend thanks, spending time with my partner and family.
Thoughts about the destruction I caused in my latest gambling episode are slowly getting less. I am more focussed on the future.
At the moment I recognise I am in a position that could actually be far worse.
I have been careful with my spending over the last 3 months or so and also received a bit of money back from the taxman so I have paid off credit cards that I stacked up a fair bit when I emptied my bank account. I am not in debt like I have been before.
It is amazing how much further money goes when you don’t gamble and are a bit thrifty.
However I am more aware than ever that it is when I have money in my account that I am far more likely to get involved in gambling.
This time gamban is in place, I am keeping the block on my bank card, I will be putting money into a savings account when I can that I cannot access instantly.
I feel different this time, I am committed to quitting once and for all.
Before I was never FULLY committed I always thought one day I can go back and control things.
I can’t control gambling, it controls me. End of.
Time to bite the bullet. No more sports betting, no roulette.
There is a better life out there. Gambling does not make me a happy person, maybe for a while I feel the high, but then chasing the next high consumes me. Overall I am not taking life in, life is passing me by.
One day at a time, be strong, stay strong.