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Hey all,

I hate to share this news but I must own up. I started back gambling last week. I went on a little over a 1 week binge where I just lost control of everything again. As I sit here and type this I wonder if quitting is even possible for me. I’m not feeling sorry for myself but I’ve had so many chances to make it stick and always seem to go back to this damn addiction. That last week of being free of gambling was really tough, I felt depressed often. In a fog to speak and when I put money into my sportsbook, I instantly felt alive. That really scares me. I went from grumpy every second to a positive mindset. That positive mindset only lasted a few days until I started to blow through cash and feel miserable all over again.
I really let my family and myself down with this one. Thanks for listening everyone and I hope you all have a beautiful day!