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Hi Don
From my experiences I think the cravings are very strong in the first few weeks. Combined with the feelings of guilt, stupidity etc it is a terrible time.
After that the feelings, urges come more in waves. I think it is about learning to distract ourselves with positive thoughts and actions when we get those feelings that is vital.
I guess we will always get the urges, it is the way we are wired up.
Over the years I have had many a relapse. It is when I forget about the pain gambling can cause, when I relax a bit and get complacent that is REALLY dangerous.
For me now I think about “living with the scar”. Remembering on a daily basis that I won’t gamble today. Remembering that feeling of hurt.
So I don’t think things will ever be easy really. That is pretty hard to think about at times.
I believe things can get better for sure but the guard always has to up.
I have decided I would rather lead a more sober life and not get caught up in the spin cycle of gambling.
That is what I want to commit to. I tell myself nothing in life really comes easy.
Best wishes, it is tough to break any addiction and to keep away from it. If you are 100% committed I believe it can be done.