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Thanks jvr…for
You post and support !
I like when you said
“ Forcing ourselves to go through the discomfort”

An old sponsor of mine told me “there is pain with change“
But there is also
Pain in staying the same ..
They are different kinds of pains for sure, but I guess we have to go through this “pain of change“ if we want to stop being the same
Who experiences the losses of gambling…
Good point- I am going to receive a phone call tomorrow morning about getting some therapy…
I have
Been to this place about a year or two ago and thought I was on my way to recovery?

But I have slipped back to my old habits
And also won some money last year
And thought I could repeat that win….

I guess I cannot win no matter how hard I try? Someone once told me “the worst thing that can happen to a gambler is that they win!”
Sounds odd /oxymoronic…
But true!
If I win, then I start believing I can do it again at some point -sooner rather than later, its just my gambler’s fallacy in my own head😐

What’s really been bothering me in the last couple days is how I tried so hard to repeat that win…I am almost 100% sure I spent all my money I won trying to make that win happen again….

Not a good idea to chase my losses , either..
I’ll just go deeper in debt 😯
I appreciate your help and post though…
It will be an uphill climb…
One step at a time I
Must take it….