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Back to day 1. This time, I really made things a lot worse. Financially to my relationship with my wife; she’s really tired to the relapses. It’s been pretty steady the last 3 years. More bad days than good. I need to make some changes because what I’m doing has not been working. The gamban was working for my phone but I cant get it to work on my Chromebook; and all the other gambling blockers for my computer were very easily bypassed. I believe meetings will be necessary for me as well. Ugh I feel so terrible, I’m not even sure what to say. I have a 4 year old daughter who things the world of me but doesn’t know I keep letting her down; but one day, if I don’t change, she will be fully aware. That thought hurts. I haven’t given her the best life possible these last 4 years. Mostly because I’ve had to work so much just to keep my addiction going.