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Hi CraigMac
I know what you mean when you start getting urges for some betting action.
We can be “sober” for a while. Like you said, maybe a month or so but then we get bored. We seek the dopamine rush, the thrill of the chase, chancing a big bet, or playing at big odds. Maybe and foolishly it’s chasing a feeling of being alive.
What I have found has helped is that as soon as I get the urges I have to find something else to do. Not to sit there letting my mind have conflicting thoughts. Even going to have a cold shower!!
The urges will always come and go I guess. I try and avoid reading about sport like I used to as it draws me into thinking about gambling. I will still watch some sport but I tune in at the last minute before the game now.
There probably isn”t anything else quite like gambling for the roller coaster of emotions it can produce. The emotions that strangely make us addicts.
So ultimately it is very tough to stop. We have to override the thoughts of gambling, keep doing other more positive things with our time.
Focus on the things that really matter and help us to REALLY feel alive. Our family and friends, being out in the fresh air, swimming in the sea or in a lake. Simple things that cost nothing.
Gambling is not something that makes is feel alive, infact it is quite the opposite.
You got to really want to quit, 100%. If half of one per cent of you doesn’t want to quit, or is just thinking “maybe” then it’s no good.
Sorry if that had laid things on a bit thick my friend but that way of thinking has helped me so far.
Stay strong, one day at a time.