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I am very glad, sincerely glad that people really read this and help someone with words, and someone with deeds!I decided to keep this blog in order to make it really easier for me, because there is no one to help me (from people close to me).No matter how difficult it is for me, but now I already understand that I am not alone, and I have to fight with my habits and weakness myself, because no one will help until you really want it yourself.Today is my first day without a game, well, how to say without a game…I play the application for virtual credits, I would like to remove this, but perhaps with time…I’m afraid that tomorrow, the salary will come to my bank account, and I will turn off my path again…. In the meantime, I sat down in writing this text, I feel bad, and it hurts to write it, in the realization that I personally aggravated my situation.No matter how difficult and difficult it is for me, I PROMISE this site that I will deal with my addiction, even if not immediately, even through breakdowns and relapses, but I will get out.