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Hi Peperovich, well done on looking for help.

Also well done on getting yourself excluded from your local casino. For the online sites you have started usig you can also ask the ones you have signed up to to exclude you. There are blockers you can get whoch will prevent you signing up at others on your devices.

I recommend not getting involved in your colleagues gambling discussions. A few “I’m not interested because I’ve decided to stop gambling” should help with that. People only talk about their wins anywasy so don’t belive them.

Read the other stories here. You will read a lot that you will relate to. You will also see the success stories and the sorts of things that have helped others stop gambling.

As well as getting excluded from those gambling sites one of the other barriers you will read about is to do with the finances – accountability and restricting access to funds with which you can gamble will help.

You have presented your family with the problem; now you can show them by your actions what you are going to do about it.

Using support is important and you now have a lot of it available. You have this forum, the support groups and the helpline here. I also see that there are Gamblers Anonymous meetigns in your country and that would be anotehr great form of support. Here is a link so you can find a meetign near you.

Keep posting but please do not, as you suggest, post your personal social networks here as they would have to be removed. Please read our terms and conditions.

Keep posting and hopefully I will see you in one of the groups here soom.