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Have the color of your eyes changed?
I remembered this from a YouTube video for a psychologist talking about relapse prevention and understanding addiction, he said the addict’s brain is wired differently, and changing that is like changing the color of your eye.
I was about to relapse a few days ago, but I remembered his analogy, and it helped me, I was driving back home after a very stressful day at work, I have money I have time ( 2 days weekend), so why not put in a small amount and do a leveraged trade, why not !!! All the encouraging thoughts started to pop up, and before I reached home” I remembered that analogy about the color of the eye, and then I literally looked at the car’s mirror and asked myself loudly Have the color of your eyes changed???. and this saved me this time.

if I find the link for that video I will share it here It helped me and I hope it can help those who need a reminder that our brain is wired this way and will be always like that so don’t start because you can’t stop.

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