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Dark: I’m sorry to hear you’re feeling down lately, I, too , have no wife…no GF and
Also no kids….
I too, struggle with low self-esteem and low confidence…I’ve no doubt this is part of the reason why I’ve struggled with a couple of addictions…

Gambling being the most prevalant….
I took a close look at your post…
there’s got to be some positives in your life…
I know..
I’ve been in dark places with my mind too
When we get in a negative, self-hating mood
we can easily over-look the positives going on in our life…
The summer had a couple people where I work that gave me a really hard time..

You unfortuneatley can’t change them..
You can change your reaction to them..
also what I find works is to know it’s not my fault…
put the blame in the right place…
I’m not always right….but mostly when someone is “out of line”
it’s usually them….
and not my fault