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Dark Energy

Hi Don,
thanks for your comment, I am feeling better Today, just yesterday all my issues popped up in my mind, I know the trigger was the work pressure, and it is not from someone in the company it is because of the company itself and the management style, anyhow, the point I am so fragile, I have ton of issues and any small thing will put me in that depressive mode. and yes I agree with what you mentioned about these personality flaws playing a major role in us becoming addicted.
I think addiction exposes us and shows us who we really are at our lowest points, and we need to fix or deal with these personality flaws on our road to recovery.

Hi Marcus,
totally agree with you, but after many relapses, I started doubting who I was before getting hooked on this addiction, I was not living a perfect life, I was just living a normal life with a lot of bad personal & career decisions, and all my personality flaws were not so clear to me but it was there, they are not a new thing that has been caused by gambling but gambling exposed them.
I am not sure but the road that I was going through before I got hooked to this addiction was not really a promising road, and this may be what led me to try forex and stock trading as a solution.

gambling addiction is the tip of the iceberg.