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Hi, all. I thought I’d pop on here and see how everyone is! Wowzers this is hard. I’m doing quite well at the moment but I know it’s only because I have no money at all. Having said that I did have a very tumultuous week regarding money, bills and the like. I dropped myself completely in it a few weeks ago and it’s taken me nearly 4 weeks to get out of the mess I created..gambling of course! But I didn’t go completely over the edge. I managed to come to my senses 3 weeks, 4 days and 19 hours ago and stop gambling right there and then I still had some cash in my pocket but I thought You know what You fighting a losing battle here, you will never win, gambling isn’t the answer to your problems, gambling is the problem you’re an idiot if you gamble all that money away you will be completely in the proverbial. So I stopped there and then. I have not gambled since I have scrimped and saved these last few weeks to meet my direct debits and utility bills etc. Although I have had to borrow 70 quid from my dad again I can pay him back later. If I/we could stop gambling all our problems would eventually go away. Do not feel bad for the gambling companies, and do not feel that you have to go to a particular establishment because you are familiar with the place or you like the people who work there, at the end of the day they butter you up because they want your money they do not care about you as a person. Self-exclude, use gamstop do everything you can to stop…I do not want for myself or my family to carry on doing and going through this. It has gone to stop!!!!! Stay strong and never stop trying to stop.