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Dark Energy

hi Craig,
Charles gives you really good advice, barriers are really helpful.
you can’t depend on your willpower alone to stop this addiction, It may help 99% of the time but this 1% when our willpower lets us down will put us back to square zero.
in many addiction recovery books, they use the myth of Udysios and the siren as an analogy for how to defeat addiction, he knows that he can’t resist the sirens so he ties himself and asks his sailors to put wax on their ears. and by doing that his ship passed safely from the sirens area.
For us, it is all about
1. Access to money.
2. Access to gambling sites or casinos.
3. Free time ( where the gambling thoughts will start).

find a way to keep the extra money protected for you and away from you.
to find a way to ban yourself and block gambling sites.
and to keep yourself busy by doing anything even if it is not that productive.

wish you all the best.