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Thanks for your messages Dark Energy and CraigMac. Hope you are both doing ok.
Been a busy couple of weeks for me. All good though. It has helped me take my mind off gambling related thoughts.
I am in a better place mentally and physically now which I feel good about.
I feel I know what I have to do to stay away from gambling. That is always keep barriers in place, be productive and positive with my time, but also try and learn to relax sometimes. I must be aware of triggers and my old bad habits. I need to KEEP on doing these things.
There can be no more complacency, no slips, no just a little bet. No, no and no.
My overall goal is to create the absolute best version of myself. That I think would help me massively in my struggle to let go.
All the best if you read my post. Keep on going, one day at a time, small steps can lead to enormous distances,