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hell no…my friend Forex caused all my suffering.
it is gambling but with cover.
let me give you an example, you can have leverage up to 1:500. what this means is if you have 1000$ you can trade with 500,000, if the market goes as low as 1% against you you will lose the 1000$. and if it goes 1% in your favor you will win 1000$. it is pure gambling.
and don’t believe all this technical analysis, indicators ..etc I have tried it all, but it didn’t work.
keep away my friend it is not worth it at all.

at least with gambling, you know that you are doing something wrong, you know that you should not gamble, but with forex.. you think you are doing something professionally, you think you are going to learn to improve your skills to be able to do it full-time as a professional trader. but no.. you are gambling in the market.

plz stay away from it, or any kind of day trading, the only relation with the market that we can have as gambling addicts is long-term investing with special measures to protect us.

you can read my first journal (Forex Addiction) to see how Forex ruined my life.

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