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I’m 26 doesn’t matter age or anything, i was so far deep into my financial trouble . I lied . Turned into booze and substance abuse . Like frank sinatra said -riding high in April, shot down in may, but I’ll be back on top in June”. Never realized before but we’re addicts to losing to be blunt, no need for detail but when we have that hand pay in the casino do we really walk away with it? It’s easy to talk about the sunny days but no one likes the rainy days. Anyways I’m just saying it’s a steep hill but man , it gets better trust me , I was so far up shitz creek without a paddle I had no hope. But guess what we got to go towards the storm to see the sunshine. Hardest thing when I had was getting out of my mess was being a man and owning my shit , and not lying anymore and it feels good lol. If you want to talk more shoot me a text man

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