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Hi Wailben

The lives of people with the addiction to gamble matter very much on this site – it is the reason we are here.

In this forum, in our groups and on our Helpline we offer the tools to help you control your addiction – it has worked for thousands. Our Gambler groups are facilitated by Charles who he will understand you and support you.

The gambling addiction will have ruined a lot of things in your life but it is never too late to change – I know because I have seen lives transformed.

Having the courageous to face your addiction and learning how to control it is the only way forward. Learning how to control it can be found here, in our groups, on our Helpline or in the Gordon Moody rehab. Have you tried GA (gamblers anonymous) who also have great success in supporting those who struggle with this addiction. You are not alone Wailben, keep seeking the right support, it is available

What this site does not do, is offer financial support as that would not give you the necessary tools to stop gambling – you would soon be back where you are now but deeper in debt. The addiction to gamble is fed by financial enablement making it worse.

You are in the right forum now and will be being heard by others who understand you and have faced similar challenges.

I wish you well