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I’ve blocked myself over the time nearly at 300 online casinos (😒🙄🤔)
cause I tried to fight them on this way. But nearly every day there opens a new online casino and i will never win the fight on this path.
I spent days just looking lists of new casinos, registering me there and instanly Block me. But thats the wrong approach to this problem.

I really think the most important thing is, to set limits in daily life. Not beeing a good listener to evryone who wants me to listen.

When youre a emphatic person, you feel when somebody needs help, and you maybe claim yourself to help others, cause thats the way you would like to have it when you need help.

I’m such a Person. I always looked out for others and their needs, listened over hours to their problems. And after that Sarah (me) needed the online slot to “clear” my full head from all that.

In the last few days i realised that i need to set limits in my life. (I never did, also in casino never)
i need to know my energylevel every moment, i need to recognice every new day how i feel that day and what i could give or not.

Its not a great problem to say “no” to others, when you say it the right way. Its ok. First you need to help yourself, in other way you become a problem for your loved ones- like when your addiction is so bad that family gets co-addicted.
We are in similar situations, but i really think there is a way out of there 🙂