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Hi Kin,

Thanks for checking in. Hope you are holding up well. I have been staying gamble free, hope you are too!

I did recently have strong gambling feelings in the last two weeks. It was a combination of lack of sleep and stress at work. I was however very conscious when the thoughts came and I stuck to my plan of handing over all my paycheck money to my family. The instant that salary arrived in my account it was transferred over. This simple step of handing over all the money and keeping it away from access saved me again. It is a battle, and a precarious journey. We need to just stay gamble free, one day at a time.

I recently bought a house (with a mortgage of course) and moved out of my apartment. If you remember, it was a very difficult moment in my life when I hit rock bottom (my first post here) and lost my previous house to gambling two years ago. I am very happy now that I have my own house again!

I am now 176 days gamble free from my last relapse and 722 days (2 years next week!) from my rock bottom. I have a decent savings, a house again and no longer in debt(apart from the house mortgage).

I am living proof that if anyone recovering from gambling addiction is disciplined and able to stay away from gambling- their life can be rebuilt again.

Staying gambling free. One day at a time!