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Hi Sarah, I’ve just been reading through your thread. Looks like a few replies have been deleted so my apologies if I repeat something that has already been said.

First I’ll try and answer your question about the “reported” post. I’m not sure where that post was but any forum user can click on “report” so I don’t know why it happened in this case or who it was that reported it. I do know, having read the copy of your text here, that there was nothing wrong with it and no action would have been taken 🙂

You are already taking positive actions and starting to address thigns. If you are frightened about what might happen on pay day then make sure you put thigns in place before payday then it just becomes….a day. 🙂 We all know that no money = no gambling, we useually found that out when we lost it! Now use that in recovery. It would still be your money of course, putting barriers and accountability in place just means we can’t gamble it easily or secretly.

Keep posting and maybe I will see you in one of the groups here as well.